Harmony triumphs over dissonance


The word symphony comes from the Greek words meaning together and voice. This is a perfect definition of marketing: connecting all the pieces together with one voice.


Marketing Philharmonic puts its clients on the path that leads to optimal business results cost effectively. We start by composing a strategic marketing plan, and then we orchestrate the implementation of all the variables, secure the right talent and execute the tactics.


Our team members must adhere to our high standards of value, experience, and expertise. So you have a team with the skill set and sensitivity to develop just the right strategy to engage your target audience.

Our proprietary analysis looks at seven elements of marketing: product, price, promotion, process, people, place, and the management’s passion.  These attributes must meet consumer needs with clear differentiation and be consistently communicated with one voice.  Without harmony you have inefficient short-term tactics and lost opportunities for long term growth.

Stand out from the dissonance and let Marketing Philharmonic compose a creative, strategic marketing plan perfectly tuned to get results.


P.S. Not only is the Philharmonic process better but it is a better value too.  For the same price as one month of a marketing executive salary you could get a strategic plan based on research.  And for about the price of three-months of a marketing executive annual salary you could your plan and the marketing infrastructure tactics created and completed.

Contact us:

Kathy S. Cox




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