Wine Drinkers Care about Sustainability

The only known nationwide statistical sample of wine drinkers investigating sustainability shows that 89% of wine drinkers care about the environment.

Here are some key findings from the report:

• What is the percentage of wine drinkers who care about impact on the environment? It’s actually higher than the general population! 89% of the wine drinkers are “consumers who care” compared to slightly lower (85%) of the general population. “Consumers Who Care” are consumers that consider the environment when making at least some of their purchases.

• What are the most important claims to influence wine purchases? The second highest factor is surprising, which is “treat employees well.”

• What is the percentage of wine drinkers that say it’s worth paying more to support sustainable wineries? It is higher than you think.

• What are the similarities and differences between “Super premium buyers” (buy wine on average more than $16 per bottle and 11% of the respondents) and “premium buyers” (buy wine on the average more than $11 per bottle and 33% of the respondents)? … between “frequent wine drinkers” (drink wine once a day or a few times a week and are 39% of the respondents) and others on their interest and motivations with sustainability and organic factors?

• What are the differences between regions and demographics in their interest in sustainability? Again, you might be surprised.

The report provides the actionable insight on what sustainability means to customers and how it may impact their purchase decisions. Based on this insight, wineries can determine which sustainability practices are most important to wine drinkers. The report can help companies decide how to target wine drinkers and assist wineries their positioning and messaging.

The study was fielded and compiled by the experienced EcoFocus Worldwide as part of their national trend survey. It is a statistical sample of almost 700 respondents. The report price is only $1900.

Contact Kathy Cox at 425-822-3925 or kathy@marketingphilharmonic.xom


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