It’s not what you do but who you are

Last night was an amazing testament to the power of community and the power of being the epitome of service. A UPS driver touched the lives of a Kirkland neighborhood.

Dear friends of ours hosted a party for the neighborhood UPS driver, Harold. For 21 years Harold has been delivering packages to the same Kirkland area route. He moved to a Seattle route on the day of his party. There were about fifty neighbors at the party honoring Harold.

Customers told stories about how they wished they ordered by mail just to be able to see Harold, how kids thought Harold was the giver of the gifts he delivered, and how he changed his routine to get a package delivered early in exchange for a breakfast. The most touching story was where a mother forgot to pick up her 8 year-old daughter at the bus stop. Harold contacted the father and drove out of his way to contact the mother to ensure the daughter was picked up.

Customers unable to make the party sent cards and gift certificates from their businesses including a free hotel stay. It takes a special person to break through the fast paced lives of ours to pay attention to the person who delivers packages. As one customer toasted Harold, “he is the epitome of service.”

This party gave such a great message. It isn’t what you choose to do with your life but how you treat others. While suburban society often measures success by how high you go up the ladder, the true sign of success is not what career you choose but how well you do it.

Harold has a wonderful family in a great neighborhood in Seattle with an amazing customer fan base that throws him a party. That is success.


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