We must do SOMETHING

I am an optimistic person. I believe people are good and the world will continue to be a better place. But I am wrong about the world. We have slowly poisoned our earth which affects our climate, our environment and our health. It is isn’t about saving the Earth, it is about saving us. The Earth will still be here but will we be able to enjoy the current’s Earth’s bounties like delicious salmon, the sound of birds, skiing, breathing clean air, and drinking clean water. Can we be harming the beauty of nature for the next generation? According the scientists we are and it might even be sooner than that. Here is a local article about the issue.

I trying to do my part. I have a plan to motivate and educate businesses and their customers on being more sustainable. I have worked with an excellent group the Network of Business Innovation and Sustainability on the plan. We just need the funding and a pilot. No one has acted yet. After talking to a key municipality and several government agencies, they say it is a great idea but aren’t acting. Please email me or write a comment if you would like to help.

We must do something!


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