Rendezvous Lodge gets real results

I chose the name “Marketing Philharmonic” because we wanted to show how we orchestrate all elements into marketing to make real music. Our clients get real results with our entire marketing landscape review. One of our clients, Rendezvous Lodge, came to us about a promotional plan to increase the number of guests. (By the way, I have stayed at Rendezvous Lodge, The view, the accommodations and the hosts are unforgettable.)

After analyzing their Marketing Octave of their customers, competitors, company, and category, we found that the most important change would be to raise their prices. They are priced under market rate and were actually running at a loss. Without a price increase, increasing guest nights would not reach their profit goals.

We also discovered that guests were looking for more activities; a significant potential revenue stream.

After increasing their prices and adding activities, Rendezvous Lodge is now be ready for promotion. Without looking at all the marketing elements, the return on their marketing investment would have been unsuccessful. As proprietors, Mark and Abby McNeil said, “Marketing Philharmonic produced a professional strategic plan with fresh ideas so we can meet our income objectives.”


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