Thank you

Connections are everything. Thank you for everyone’s help in making Marketing Philharmonic the best it can be. I asked a group of my connections to give me feedback on the Marketing Philharmonic logo and messages. We used those comments to create the logo and tagline you can see in the blog banner. While the strong favorite design was the one we chose, we revised the typeface to make it cleaner. We also tweaked the circles to resemble the more oval shaped musical notes. Working together as a team and tying in both physical and mental connections is the cornerstone of the Marketing Philharmonic philosophy. We walked the talk by using candid comments from my very smart associates. Please feel free to comment on this blog at any time on our own marketing and on the marketing of other companies. This is the first step in our conversation with our connections.


Interested in posting an article? We are looking for articles revolving around the subject of integrated marketing and the importance of working from strategy. Case studies would be perfect. Send them my way for posting.


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